Heating with the power of the sun

Solar-thermal systems heat up water using the heat of the sun. This can then be used to run a heater system or for hot running water from the tap. Such a system will considerably reduce your heating costs and you can also benefit from state funding to help with the installation of your solar-thermal system. 

For new buildings or modernisation projects
Solar-thermal systems can be installed in virtually any building – either during construction or on existing buildings. We advise you in selecting the solar-thermal system that is just right for your needs. S.A.T. accompanies you all the way from planning to installation, including ongoing maintenance both of the installation and the heating system as a whole. 

Hot water from the sun
The flat-plate collectors that S.A.T. employs when installing solar-thermal systems absorb heat from the sun. The collectors contain a liquid which heats up under the sun's radiation. The heat from the collectors is in turn used to heat up water. This water can then be used in a closed-loop hot-water system. Depending on the season and the size of the installation, the system can supplement or even replace conventional, cost-intensive heating solutions. To maximise your energy cost savings, the system should be deployed in association with a heat pump.