Economic and natural heating

Efficient, clean and natural – wood-pellet heating is one of the best ways to drastically reduce your heating costs:

  • A cheap, energy-rich fuel
  • Independence from rising gas and oil costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • State funding available

Ideal for modernisation projects
Pellet heating systems can ideally be used to convert existing heating systems. An installation in new buildings is also possible in most cases. S.A.T. advises you on what system is ideal for you and examines your current heating without obligation, to ascertain whether a changeover of the energy supply is possible. We then take care of the planning, installation and maintenance of your pellet-heating system. 

How heat is generated from pellets
Wood pellets are made by compressing waste wood, such as sawdust, wood shavings and residual forest wood, a process that does not involve the use of any chemical additives. The compression process gives the wood an enormous energy density. Two kilos of wood pellets have the same heating value as a litre of heating oil. The pellets are burnt in a furnace and are virtually CO2 neutral. Efficient heat exchangers are employed to separate the burning from the heat utilisation. This results in optimum energy efficiency.