Full heating value – lower heating costs

Valuable energy is lost in the flue gas emitted from heaters. Condensing boilers recapture this energy and return it to the heating circuit, thus making optimum use of the gas or oil's heating value. This results in a substantial reduction in consumption and cost. 

Suitable for all heating systems
Modern condensing boilers can be used to increase the efficiency of virtually any heating system. We examine your building to check if it is suitable for installing a condensing boiler system. We then draw up a modernisation plan and take care of the installation and maintenance of the system. 

How energy is generated from exhaust air
When fossil fuels are burnt, the exhaust gas mixture contains water vapour. The condensing boiler works by cooling the exhaust mixture, whereby the water condenses and releases energy. This energy is returned into the heating circuit instead of escaping through the chimney. Condensing boilers can be employed particularly efficiently in combination with low-temperature systems. Since the returning water is of a low temperature, it can be directly used to cool the exhaust mixture and is thereby also directly reheated. Condensing boilers can also be useful in high-temperature systems.