The mini-power station for electricity and heat

A combined heat and power (CHP) plant allows you to generate your own electricity and heat for heating and hot water systems. The system generates exactly the amount of energy you need to meet your requirements. This guarantees maximum efficiency.

No energy loss
Combined heat and power systems are coordinated to meet the user's requirements. Exhaust heat is recycled directly at the point where the energy is extracted, to avoid energy losses. Surplus energy can be fed into the public grid in return for feed-in remuneration. 

We advise you on how to make optimum use of your CHP system, whether in a new building or for modernising your existing heating system. S.A.T. then takes care of the planning, installation and maintenance of your system.

How your mini-power station works
Combined heat and power generation systems simultaneously generate mechanical energy, which is then converted into electricity and, in turn, into useful heat. A CHP system is usually run with a combustion engine. The heat from the flue gas is used to heat the water in the heating circuit. Up to 90 percent of the primary energy employed can be used: 40 percent more than in a power station that only generates electricity.