Do you have some free space?

You own a roof with a surface area greater than 500 square metres and would like to earn money without taking on any risks or expenditure?

SolarImpuls can offer you the chance to lease your roof for a period of 20 years on attractive terms. We are constantly on the lookout for free surface areas of which each square metre can be used for clean electricity generation from solar power.

Our offer is of particular interest to agriculturalists and tradespeople who own large warehouses and buildings - regardless of whether these areas already exist or are still in the planning stage.

This deal brings you no disadvantages - you only stand to gain:

  • A secure source of income: you choose between a one-off payment and an on-going, annual lease.
  • No personal risk.
  • No damage to your building.

We will gladly climb on your roof! Simply contact us.

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