EEG guarantees attractive returns (Kopie 1)

The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) ensures you a solid return on your photovoltaic installation in Germany. It regulates the tariff that you are entitled to when you feed the electricity from your solar installation into the power grid.

Feed in – guarranteed renumeration
Operators of power grids are obliged to accept your solar electricity. In turn, you receive a guaranteed price per kilowatt-hour guaranteed for 20 years once your PV installation is operational; this price is well above the average electricity price. The tariff depends on the output of your solar installation. These tariffs are valid from May 1st, 2014


date of launching

up to 10 kWp (Ct/kWh)

up to 40 kWp (Ct/kWh)

up to 1000 kWp (Ct/kWh)

up to 10 MWp (Ct/kWh)

May 2014





Jun 2014





Jul 1. st 2014






Since november 1st. 2012 til january 2013 a monthly reduction of the renumeration by 2,5% per kilowatt-hour will come into effect. The renumeration that you receive for a guaranteed 20 years is determined by the date on which your photovoltaic installation is put into service.

Promotion of own consumption
In future, the share of electricity produced that is consumed by the operator is to be increased for all systems. For Operators of systems with an output of up to 10kW 100% is remunerated under the EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act). For systems with an output of up to 10MW, at least 10% of the electricity produced is to be consumed by the operator – up to 90% is remunerated under the EEG. This arrangement counts for systems installed since April 1st 2012 but won't become effective until January 1st 2014

Increased own consumption means that you do not need to buy as much expensive electricity. In this way, the return of your photovoltaic system visibly increases because the price of the purchased electricity saved is higher than the EEG remuneration. In addition to this, you have the option of marketing the electricity produced yourself and obtaining a price higher than the EEG remuneration. We will gladly inform you of the possibilities available to you.

Funding of system installation
To benefit from the EEG, you must invest in your solar installation. To help you fund your investment, the "Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau" (KfW Banking Group) offers private individuals and commercial enterprises a range of financial assistance schemes. Click here for more information.