Shaping the future – showing responsibility today

Julian Pommering (left) is deaf. He has been working as an electrician at S.A.T. since 2011. Working as part of a team with him is extremely successful. Since he cannot hear any possible dangers, one of his colleagues must always work alongside him. At company meetings we provide a sign language interpreter for him.

We have our sights set on the future: our energy and heat generation installations are our contribution to the energy revolution and against climate change. As a founder member of the watt_2.0 initiative, we are also working on a political level to help shape this transformation. 

But as a company, we also see ourselves as responsible for helping people here and now. For this reason, we support regional, national and international institutions, associations and projects with targeted donations and sponsorships. This also includes gift donations comprising technical components for use in standalone photovoltaic systems in Africa as well as for school projects and the national JES! youth competition.