Use energy efficiently

Every house has a few energy eaters. But we can put an end to them by employing optimised electrical installations. The result is efficient energy consumption accompanied by a considerable reduction in electricity costs. By installing modern building services, we ensure safety combined with maximum comfort. 

We would be happy to advise you on what optimisations would be of use in your building. Our sketch contains a number of tips on how to reduce your energy costs. Simply roll the mouse over the S.A.T. Electric symbols.

Electrical equipment in standby mode consumes almost as much electricity as when it is running. This translates to a loss of 500 kilowatt-hours per device per year, a cost of 125 euros. This can be avoided by using switched mains sockets.
An intelligent window-blind controller ensures that the natural heat of the sun shines in during the day while the cold of the night is kept outside, thus saving heating costs.
Low-energy lamps use 80 percent less electricity than old-fashioned light bulbs – and they are now available in pleasant, warm colour temperatures.
An optimised electrical installation provides enhanced protection against lightning.
By modernising the electrical installations, voltage loss can be minimised, smouldering fires prevented and the performance of the system as a whole improved.
Presence detectors and window contacts regulate the heating energy for each room individually and according to requirements.
Heating water requires a great deal of energy. By replacing a conventional instantaneous water heater with an electronically controlled one, it is possible to save ten percent of the electricity required.
A microwave oven is the most efficient way of heating up food, as unlike with a conventional oven, no heat loss occurs.